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12 March 2008


Skyworks chooses Berkeley’s Analog FastSPICE for multi-mode 3G transceiver simulation

Berkeley Design Automation Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA, which provides precision circuit analysis technology for analog and RFICs, says that Skyworks Solutions Inc has chosen its Analog FastSPICE circuit simulator for full-circuit functional simulation and complex-block characterization of its multi-mode multi-band analog and RF transceivers.

“Verifying our high-performance analog/RF designs for mobile connectivity requires transistor-level simulation of very complex circuits with true SPICE accuracy,” said Kenneth Weller, Skyworks’ director of design automation. “Analog FastSPICE provides a 5-7x turnaround time advantage, and a 10x capacity advantage over traditional SPICE, with true SPICE accuracy,” he reckons.

Berkeley’s tools include Analog FastSPICE circuit simulation, RF FastSPICE periodic analyzer, and PLL noise analyzer. The firm guarantees identical waveforms to the leading ‘golden’ SPICE simulators down to noise floor (typically 0.1% or less) while delivering 5x-10x higher performance and 5x-10x higher capacity. It achieves this by using advanced algorithms and numerical analysis techniques to rapidly solve the full-circuit matrix and the original device equations without any shortcuts that could compromise accuracy.

“Full-circuit functional simulation and complex-block characterization are key requirements for verification of multi-mode, multi-band radios,” adds Berkeley’s president and CEO Ravi Subramanian.

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