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6 March 2008


Skyworks receives 2007 Best Supplier Award from LG Electronics    

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, Mass, USA has won LG Electronics' 2007 Best Supplier Award, based on technology, quality, product reliability and on-time delivery. In addition, the company was graded as Class A for their work with LG in 2007.

LG uses Skyworks' front-end solutions for a variety of mobile handsets spanning all key air interfaces, including CDMA, GSM and EDGE and WCDMA for 3G multimode applications.    

"It is with great pleasure that LG Electronics grants our '2007 Best Supplier Award' to Skyworks, an extremely valuable business partner," said Gi-seob Shin, executive vice president for the procurement division at LG Electronics. "We congratulate Skyworks on winning this award given the great contributions they have made to our successful mobile communications' business."     

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