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15 May 2008


Anadigics launches linear PAs for CATV set-top boxes and distribution systems

Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has launched its ABA3101 and ABA3115 balanced low-noise linear power amplifiers (PAs), which are designed to generate exceptional signal integrity in CATV set-top box, distribution and drop applications.

“As demands on cable TV systems continue to increase, Anadigics’ strategy is to provide equipment designers with a variety of PA solutions based on a common platform, to allow greater design flexibility while reducing production costs,” says Ron Michels, senior VP and general manager of Anadigics’ Broadband Business.

The ABA3101 is a +8V supply design that delivers +34dBmV per channel of highly linear output power, together with 12dB of RF gain. Housed in a thermally enhanced package, it maintains composite second order (CSO) and composite triple beat (CTB) distortion products below -69dBc, and provides a typical noise figure less than 3.2dB across the 1GHz CATV band.

The ABA3115 operates from a +5V supply to provide +25dBmV per channel of linear output power and 15dB of RF gain. Operating at up to 870MHz, the gallium arsenide IC maintains CSO and CTB distortion products below -70dBc, and provides a typical low noise figure of 2.7dB. It also incorporates a shutdown feature under logic control, whereby power consumption is reduced to 15mW.

The ABA3101 and ABA3115, as well as the previously released ABA3100, ADA10000 and ADA10001, are each housed in a 16-pin surface-mount package, providing a common platform for CATV product designers.

The ABA3101 is available at $6 each in quantities of 3500 units and the ABA3115 is available at $5.60 each for 3500 units.

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