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12 May 2008


High-brightness tricolor SMT LEDs for signs and video displays

Avago Technologies has launched a new family of compact high-brightness tricolor surface mount (SMT) LEDs for indoor and outdoor full-color signs and video screens, advertising displays and stadium scoreboards.

Available in a 4.4mm x 4.4mm x 3.5mm industry-standard PLCC-6 package, ASMT-YTB0 LEDs provide designers with better color control and contrast, the firm claims, as well as a wide 115º viewing angle. The new family also incorporates silicone encapsulation material to extend light output performance over time (giving a long operating life of over 50,000 hours).

The compact ASMT-YTB0 package is specially designed to meet indoor and outdoor LED screen requirements for better screen resolution (greater than 12mm pixel size), and high-brightness performance. Six leads enable individual color control of each color chip to display a multitude of colors including white and enhanced thermal management. Also, separate heat path for each LED dice enables the device to be driven at higher currents. As a result, the LEDs can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, providing high reliability.

ASMT-YTB0 LEDs are compatible with reflow soldering processes and have a JEDEC MSL 2a moisture sensitivity level, suiting use in SMT production environments.

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