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22 May 2008


CrystalQ attracts VC investment

CrystalQ Group B.V., which is based in a former Philips Semiconductors production facility in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands, has attracted investment from Sustainable Energy Technology Fund (SET Fund), EPT/Benno Wiersma and E2 Cleantech. The latest funding builds on previous investments by the firm’s management and NOM Finance (part of N.V. NOM, the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands).

CrystalQ produces 2-6”-diameter sapphire crystal wafers and polishes them to high-quality substrates for the production of white LEDs. “Lighting currently accounts for 19% of the worldwide electricity demand,” says E2 Cleantech director Casper Heijsteeg. “LED lighting will over time contribute to a more sustainable usage of energy.”

General manager Joris Barendregt says that the latest investment will allows the firm to accelerate its growth, specifically by supporting its entry into the growth of sapphire crystals. “The proceeds will be used to expand CrystalQ’s manufacturing base and will fuel the ambition of CrystalQ to become one of the global leaders in supplying sapphire wafers,” adds Erik Boersma, a business partner at EPT/Benno Wiersma.

N.V. NOM’s CEO Siem Jansen reckons that, in the last few years, CrystalQ’s ‘impressive’ results have proved that it has allocated its investment in the right way. “It delivers the required quality while continuously working on improvements and innovations in the process,” he says. “CrystalQ has now attracted important partners who will both financially and strategically contribute to multiplying the activities on the former Philips premises in Stadskanaal. In terms of facilities and required workforce, they are at an excellent location,” he concludes.

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