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27 May 2008


Finisar ships 250,000th SFP+ optical transceiver

Fiber-optic component and subsystem maker Finisar Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA has shipped its 250,000th SFP+ optical transceiver from its portfolio of 8Gb/s and 10Gb/s products. The firm claims that this early milestone, achieved within 12 months of the first customer shipment, is a first in the industry.

Finisar’s SFP+ product portfolio includes transceivers targeted at 8Gb/s Fibre Channel and 10Gb/s Ethernet applications over both multi-mode (MMF) and single-mode fiber (SMF) for datacenter, inter-campus link and access network. The transceivers are intended for use in datacom networking equipment such as Fibre Channel switches, Ethernet switches, NIC cards, Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs), and storage array systems.

“We believe this achievement by Finisar indicates the steady growth in the industry we have been predicting over the last several years,” says Dr Vladimir Kozlov, principal analyst at LightCounting. “We expect this trend to continue as fiber becomes the media of choice for delivering broadband services.”

“Meeting the demands of the larger-scale, virtualized data center requires the highest levels of performance and connectivity,” says Mario Blandini, director of product marketing for Brocade’s Data Center Infrastructure Division. “As part of Brocade’s end-to-end, switch-to-backbone family of 8Gb/s switching platforms, Fibre Channel SFP+ transceivers from Finisar help to deliver the connectivity and performance that Brocade customers expect for their data centers,” he adds.

The SFP+ standard was developed to extend the original SFP-MSA (multi-source agreement) with capabilities for supporting faster data rate transmissions and better suppression of EMI (electro-magnetic interference). Its smaller size and lower power consumption enable higher port count densities. The standard also provides a more uniform mechanical outline to guarantee consistency of components, as well as an enhanced electrical specification to allow OEMs to take advantage of high-speed, low-power ICs that were not available when the original MSA was drafted.

“Being able to support high-volume demand combined with our broad product range, vertical integration, and competitive pricing is a cornerstone of our market leadership,” claims Joe Young, Finisar’s general manager of Optics.

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