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8 May 2008


Online tools for solid-state lighting design

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has introduced new online tools to simplify development of general lighting and other solutions using its high-power Luxeon LEDs. Joining the existing extensive set of resources, the new Design Resources section of the firm’s website includes optical, mechanical and electrical models for Luxeon LEDs that can be downloaded and used in software applications to reduce development time, speed time to market, and deliver the best possible solutions and products.

“Providing resources that support the development of solid-state lighting solutions is an ongoing effort that we are fully committed to,” says applications manager Rudi Hechfellner. A collection of reliability data and application briefs, along with the Usable Light Tool and QLED Thermal Design and Simulation Software developed by Future Lighting Solutions, are already available on the firm’s web.

The model files available now for Luxeon Rebel and Luxeon K2 include 100K, 500K and 5M raysets, optical source models, footprint files, 3D-CAD files, PCB layout tool library models to generate printed circuit board layouts, and Spice models for electrical simulations. The files are available in a variety of formats, including ASCII, Zemax, ASAP, TracePro, LucidShape, Light Tools, IGS, STP, DWG, DXF, OrCad, Eagle, and Spice. Additional files types will be supported over time.

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