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1 May 2008


Nichia sues Japan Seoul Semiconductor over white LEDs for keypads, indicators

Nichia Corp has filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court against Japan Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd (the Japanese subsidiary of Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd).

This follows a lawsuit filed in Osaka District Court in May 2007 alleging that Seoul Semiconductor’s 0.5 Watt Z-Power LED P9 series white-LED products infringe Nichia’s Japanese patents 3511970 and 2778349 relating to GaN-based blue LED chips.

The latest complaint alleges that white LED products sold by Seoul Semiconductor of Japan (BW104-S,WH104,WH104-C,TWH104-H,MPW104-F1,WH107,WH201,WH601,WH108-S,WH108,FCW100,FCW100Z,FCW101Z,WH1222) infringe Nichia’s Japanese patent no. 3900144, which relates to the production of a phosphor material and light-emitting device such as a blue LED chip (as well as the combination of them). The patent is applicable to white LEDs used in keypads and indicators. According to Nichia, it does not cover side-view LEDs used as light sources in backlighting mobile phone LCD panels.

Nichia is also seeking monetary compensation for damages from past infringement as well as an injunction against any further infringing activity

In addition, patent infringement lawsuits filed by Nichia against Seoul Semiconductor are also in progress in the USA and Korea.

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