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23 May 2008


Acriche receives UL Mark from US product safety testing and certification group

Korea’s Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd says that its Acriche A2 and A3 series of LED lighting source have been tested, evaluated and found to be in compliance with the specifications required to bear the Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) Component Recognition Mark. Acriche is the world’s first semiconductor light source that can run directly from 110V or 220V AC power in the home or office without an AC-DC converter or a ballast.

The UL mark is the latest safety designation for Acriche. In December, Acriche received the European Union’s CE-Marking and German TUV certification for product and environmental safety standards. Seoul Semiconductor says that this latest safety designation confirms that Acriche meets the most stringent global standards for product component safety.

UL is an independent, not-for-profit product safety certification organization, and has worldwide recognition as a safety standard for a wide range of industries. Before a product is eligible to bear the UL mark, it must complete a certification process and a thorough follow-up process to ensure continuous compliance with the applicable requirements.

“As the technology and efficiency of LEDs improve, luminaire manufacturers will be able to choose from a broader set of components, giving them more flexibility to design products that meet the market needs,” says Eli Puszkar, general manager of UL’s lighting SBU (strategic business unit). “Acriche is a great example of innovation in the LED lighting space.”

The UL recognition not only validates that Acriche A2 and A3 meet applicable UL requirements, but also helps to streamline UL listings of customers’ final products, says Seoul Semiconductor.

“Many customers have asked for the reassurance of UL for our Acriche products,” says Jing Mo, director of technical operations. "By participating in UL’s Component Recognition Program, our customers will be able to design their products using Acriche products with even more confidence that their products will be safe,” he adds.

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