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15 May 2008


Skyworks' FEMs support P960 TV slider phone

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, Mass, USA says that Samsung is using its ultra-compact and high efficiency front-end modules (FEMs) for open-loop EDGE, and power amplifiers (PAs) for WCDMA and HSDPA in more than 10 universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) models.

In particular, Skyworks is supporting Samsung’s first mobile TV slider phone for Europe. The P960 supports both European mobile TV technology standards: digital video broadcast-handheld (DVB-H), and the new open mobile alliance mobile broadcast service enabler suite (OMA-BCAST). It features optimized viewing with a 2.6 inch quarter video graphics array (QVGA) thin film transistor (TFT) screen, and Bang & Olufsen ICEPower audio technology. The P960 also has a 3-megapixel camera with power LED, music player, and FM radio with RDS.    

"Skyworks congratulates Samsung on achieving the milestone launch of Europe's first DVB-H handset, and is pleased to support their family of compelling mobile TV platforms," said Liam K. Griffin, Skyworks' senior vice president of sales and marketing. "Our participation in their P960 design reflects our multimode design-win momentum and UMTS market share gains at Samsung and other OEMs."

According to Skyworks, its SKY77519, incorporated by Samsung, is the industry's smallest FEM for open-polar EDGE architectures. The firm says that it can help increase talk times by 10%, improve power savings by 30%, and expand battery capacity by 10%.    

The SKY77170 PA packs full 1920-1980 megahertz (MHz) bandwidth coverage into a single compact package. A directional coupler is integrated into the module, thus eliminating the need for any external coupler. The single GaAs MMIC contains all active circuitry in the module.

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