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28 May 2008


Tyco introduces M/A-COM MASW-008853 SPDT switch

Tyco Electronics of Lowell, Mass, USA has introduced a new, RoHS compliant, SPDT switch for applications that require high power, low control voltage, and low insertion loss. Applications for the M/A-COM MASW-008853 include CDMA handsets where multiple transceiver or GPS functions are connected to a common antenna.

“This new offering is an example of Tyco Electronics’ commitment to the wireless communications market that demonstrates exactly how M/A-COM components will continue to enable handset improvements,” said Jim Dempsey, product manager, Tyco Electronics. “This new switch is designed to exceed the needs of our mobile customers while providing competitive prices for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications.”

The M/A-COM MASW-008853 has typical insertion loss at 1.0 GHz of 0.30 dB with an isolation of 25 dB and P0.1dB of 38 dBm. It is fabricated on a 0.5-micron gate-length GaAs process and features full passivity. Each switch is 100% RF tested to ensure performance compliance.

Available in wafer form from stock, the M/A-COM MASW-008853 is priced at $0.35 for quantities of 100,000.

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