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11 November 2008


Alfalight launches AM6-976E series of 976 nm, 10 W uncooled pump laser diodes

Alfalight Inc of Madison, WI, USA has launched its AM6-976E series of 976 nm, 10 W uncooled pump laser diodes for industrial fiber laser applications. The new higher-output diodes include a thermistor for temperature monitoring, supporting precision wavelength control at 976 nm. It is offered in a compact 6-pin package, and is available with high-brightness 105 μm, 0.15 NA fiber (AM6-976E-10-104) or with a 105 μm, 0.22 NA fiber (AM6-976E-20-104).

“This device delivers an important step forward in pump brightness and cost-effectiveness. The pulsed fiber laser market will grow dramatically in the coming years, and Alfalight intends to continue to offer a stream of solutions centered at 976 nm,” said Ron Bechtold, Alfalight’s VP of sales and marketing.

This new pump diode is packaged in a Telcordia-qualified, fully hermetic housing and has an expected mean time to failure exceeding 100,000 hours.

Samples and production volumes are available now:

  • AM6-976E-10-104 (10W, 976±4nm, Industrial 6-pin uncooled, 105μm/0.15NA): $450 each at 10+ quantity.
  • AM6-976E-20-104 (10W, 976±4nm, Industrial 6-pin uncooled, 105μm/0.22NA): $450 each at 10+ quantity.

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