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28 November 2008


Avago launches first complete GPS RF front-end module with FBAR filters

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has launched what it claims is the first complete GPS RF front-end module with FBAR (film bulk acoustic resonator) filters.

The ALM-1712 (available in December) effectively integrates a GPS low-noise amplifier (LNA) and two FBAR filters, resulting in a complete, compact and high-performance GPS RF front-end module that simplifies the design of a wide range of GPS applications, the firm claims. The module is designed for the 1.575GHz frequency band, targeting handset GPS, recreational and in-vehicle GPS receiver and GPS antenna applications.

Simultaneous GPS, and other location-based GPS services, requires a high level of receiver sensitivity. Avago claims that the ALM-1712 delivers very low noise figures, high linearity and superior out-of-band rejection performance. By integrating a GPS LNA with pre and post high-rejection FBAR filters, the device simplifies and shortens the RF design process, reduces component count, and provides RF performance levels that are critical in the use of GPS applications, the firm adds.

The ALM-1712 is housed in a miniature 4.5mm x 2.2mm x 1.0mm molded chip-on-board (MCOB) package, reducing PCB space by more than 50% compared to a discreet-only solution. The integration of FBAR filtering enables the module to reach more than 85dBc of cell/PCS-band rejection levels. The ALM-1712 also effectively leverages Avago’s 0.5 micron GaAs enhancement-mode pHEMT process to deliver a 1.7dB noise figure, 13.5dB gain, and +5dBm IIP3 (input third order intercept point) at typical operating condition of 2.7V and 8mA. At low voltages down to 1.8V, the module can still achieve a very low noise figure and high linearity, suiting use in low-power GPS applications.

Pricing for the ALM-1712 begins at $1.81 in the 10,000-piece quantity range.

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