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19 November 2008


FSI receives repeat litho system order from GaAs foundry

Surface conditioning and microlithography equipment maker FSI International Inc of Chaska, MN, USA has received a repeat order for a Polaris microlithography system from what it describes as a 'leading gallium arsenide device foundry'. FSI claims that it has 15 years of experience with GaAs substrates.

“We are experiencing increased Polaris system interest from the rapidly growing broadband wireless and wireline communications component manufacturers,” says chairman & CEO Don Mitchell. “Our Polaris product’s flexibility allows our customers to process gallium arsenide and gallium nitride substrates in multiple sizes within the same system with no hardware or software changes,” he adds. “The ability to process multiple wafer sizes simultaneously provides a greater degree of flexibility without compromising process performance.”

With orders from broadband wireless and wireline communications device suppliers are expected to increase, FSI says that it is placing an emphasis on continued expansion into what it calls a key market.

Polaris systems provide adhesion and resist coating, as well as baking, chilling and developing processes for wafer sizes of 100-300mm in diameter. With a large installed base, Polaris systems already serve many applications and industries, including thin-film head, medical and GaAs device manufacturing. In addition, the firm's support services provide product and process enhancements to extend the life of installed FSI equipment, enabling users to realize a higher return on capital investment.

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