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7 November 2008


Modulight introduces 20 W 1470 nm laser bar

Semiconductor optical components maker Modulight Inc of Tampere, Finland has introduced a new member to its RangerLase family of products: ML1818, a high-power 1470 nm laser bar, which produces up to 20 W of continuous-wave output power. The product is also available as bare die, with an output power of 800 mW (ML1817). The 1470 nm lasers are mainly aimed at industrial and medical applications, like soft materials processing, plastic welding, fiber amplifier pumping and medical applications.

"We are seeing a nice surge in the demand for our eye-safe high-power lasers at 1470 nm and 1550 nm since the RangerLase product releases earlier this year and are excited to present these results from our continuous product improvements to our customers. The sales of this type of products have been boosted also by the recent supply issues faced by QPC Lasers, which eventually seems to even increase our market share for eye-safe high-power lasers," said Ulla Haapanen, product manager of Modulight.

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