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21 October 2008


Anadigics launches 1GHz digital tuner for space-sensitive video applications

Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has launched the AIT1042, a fully integrated 1GHz-bandwidth tuner IC that provides high linearity and low noise to deliver crystal-clear digital video in today’s cable TV (CATV) systems with densely loaded spectrum. Anadigics says that the device’s high levels of performance and functional integration, combined with its small package size and ease of use, suit use in the new generation of digital video receivers.

Developed for use in CATV and HDTV tuners, set-top boxes and PC TV tuner cards, the highly integrated AIT1042 minimizes board layout sensitivities, reduces the amount of external circuitry required for a complete receiver solution, and minimizes board layout space, the firm claims. The new RF tuner uses gallium arsenide and silicon technology to combine an upconverter with RF gain control, a downconverter, a digital IF amplifier with gain control, two voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) and a dual synthesizer into a single 7mm x 7mm x 1mm 48-pin surface-mount package.

Operating from a single +5V supply, the AIT1042 generates 78dB of gain (including external filter losses) while converting a 50-1000MHz RF input signal to a 35-50MHz digital IF output. The device maintains high linearity and low noise over a wide gain control range, which is adjustable up to 40dB at the RF input and up to 45dB in the IF amplifier. Integrated on-chip oscillator tank circuits reduce component count and eliminate the need for any post-assembly manual adjustments.

“As the industry migrates toward 1GHz infrastructure and all-digital content, this new tuner delivers the exceptional levels of performance needed to support the high-quality video that consumers demand today,” claims Ron Michels, senior VP & general manager of Anadigics’ broadband business. In addition, the high level of integration suits use in space-sensitive applications such as PC TV tuner cards and multiple-tuner set-top boxes, he adds.

The AIT1042 is available at $3.88 each in quantities of 5000 units. A device evaluation board as well as a complete tuner-demodulator reference design are also available.

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