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23 October 2008


Cree launches oval HB-LEDs for digital billboard and signage applications

LED maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has launched its new-generation Screen Master 4mm and 5mm oval high-brightness LEDs in blue, green and red colors.

The new oval LEDs feature optically matched radiation patterns in blue, green and red, resulting in what is claimed to be superior image quality for digital billboard and full-color sign applications.

In Cree’s unique matched-radiation pattern, the red pattern is inside the blue and green, resulting in a blended cool-white light, compared to the pink that results when unmatched LEDs are used.

Available in a wide range of intensities and colors, the oval LEDs feature a wide viewing angle and enhanced contrast, suiting the signage market. The use of LEDs in signs and displays helps to lower the power requirements and maintenance expense compared to other technologies.

“Customers can now purchase the brightest blue, green and red ovals from a single supplier,” says Norbert Hiller, Cree’s VP & general manager of LED Components. “These products offer superior intensity for the rapidly growing video-board and signage markets,” he claims. “This will give customers additional flexibility to design-in the precise part they need—spanning a range of sizes and brightness levels.”

The Screen Master 4mm and 5mm oval LEDs, C4SMF-RGS/GJS/BJS and C5SMF-RGS/GJS/BJS, are available through Cree’s global distribution network.

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