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2 October 2008


CVD Equipment Corp reports record orders of $5.9m in Q3/2008

CVD Equipment Corp of Ronkonkoma, NY, USA announced a new order quarterly booking record in Q3/2008 of $5.9m, up 20% on Q2/2008’s $4.9m. 

The growth is attributed to increased selling effort in the firm's four primary market segments: (i) semiconductors and electronics; (ii) university, government and industry research; (iii) industrial applications; and (iv) solar/energy. CVD Equipment says that proceeds received in Q4/2007 from the sale of common stock allowed it to hire additional personnel, and enabled key personnel to focus their efforts on selling into the targeted market segments and to further develop proprietary and patent-pending solutions for these growth markets. 

In addition to the Stainless Design Concepts Division (which manufactures ultra-high-purity gas and chemical delivery systems) and the Conceptronic/Research International Division (which supplies reflow ovens and rework stations to the PCB assembly market and ball attach ovens for back-end semiconductor packaging), the CVD/First Nano Division consists of the CVD product group (which designs and builds pilot and production equipment for custom chemical vapor deposition processes) and the First Nano product group (which makes EasyTube equipment for growing nanowire, nanotube and thin-film materials) as well as an Application Laboratory (where it develops processes and solutions for commercializing emerging technology in the nano/solar fields and develops/optimizes custom material manufacturing processes). 

CVD Equipment says that the large demand for energy savings, energy generation materials and products needed to address rising energy costs is creating growing demand for cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Applications addressed by the firm in this targeted market have significant growth opportunities for manufacturing technologies that deliver favorable cost/benefits, it adds. “Using our application laboratory we will expand the areas where our manufacturing solutions can be applied and further optimize our proprietary technologies for cost and performance,” the firm states.

Based on the current broad quotation activity, CVD Equipment expects that, in future quarters, order levels will continue to exceed the past historical average. “As our proprietary solutions are qualified by our customers for their pilot and/or production processes, we expect to receive additional orders,” the firm concludes.

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