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31 October 2008


Luxeon Flash hits 200m unit mark

Philips Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA says that more than 200 million units of its LED-based Luxeon Flash, combining Lumiramic phosphor technology and ‘off-state white’ innovations, have now been delivered to handset manufacturers for use in high resolution camera phones. In less than five years the firm has produced six generations of Luxeon Flash products for the camera function in handsets. Other applications include: refrigeration, task, indoor, and outdoor area lighting. Luxeon is enabling solid-state lighting companies to develop luminaires to meet Energy Star requirements, not only for light output and efficiency but color control and consistency as well, adds the firm.

Lumiramic phosphor technology simplifies the development of solid-state general lighting applications and ensures consistent delivery of uniformly white LEDs.  LUXEON Rebel warm white LEDs also utilize Lumiramic phosphor and represent the first LED product to enable a reduction in the white binning space for LEDs which simplifies solution development, says Philips Lumileds.  

’Off-State White’ technology provides a new appearance for LEDs when they are not in use. Typical white LEDs appear yellow when they are not powered, because of the yellow phosphor material that is used to convert blue LED light to white.  However, based on feedback from cell phone designers, Philips Lumileds has developed a means to eliminate the yellow appearance, so that it appears white or neutral when not powered.

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