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10 October 2008


Osram’s colored Advanced Power TopLED Plus boosts light by 15% for large LCD displays

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany claims that its new Advanced Power TopLED Plus is the brightest-colored LED in its class, providing 15% more light for direct display backlighting than its predecessor, as well as beating other LEDs in terms of efficiency. The Advanced Power TopLED Plus is also suitable for backlighting tasks in buildings, position lights on automobiles, and displays in industry, says Osram.

Depending on the display, versions emitting at wavelengths in the usual combination of red (623nm), green (527nm) and blue (457nm) cover more than 125% of the NTSC color gamut, and are suitable for all directly backlit displays, particularly for large formats of 24 inches and more. The new LEDs also offer an optimized ratio of display brightness to display thickness with the minimum number of LEDs necessary, the firm claims.

Osram says that the greater brightness of its Advanced Power TopLED Plus comes mainly from the special lens designed for backlighting. At an operating current of 100mA, the LEDs now achieve 14lm (red), 24lm (green) and 28mW/sr (blue). The new lens ensures absolutely uniform display backlighting, it is claimed.

The chips used in the LEDs have an edge length of 500 microns and are fabricated using Osram's latest ThinGaN or Thinfilm technology, so that the light sources achieve the highest efficiency in their class: 65lm/W (red), 59lm/W (green) and 27% overall efficiency (blue), the firm reckons. A life of more than 50,000 hours is compatible with the lifespan of displays and monitors. Also, the LEDs’ low height of only 2.25mm means that the backlighting can be very thin.

Osram says that the Advanced Power TopLED Plus is suitable for all display sizes, with a focus on screen diagonals of 24 inches and more. Also, projects are already under way with key customers for use in 46 inch monitors, for which 1200 LEDs are sufficient. Before now, about 600 more LEDs were needed to produce the same brightness. “Close relations with our customers and extensive application support enable us to ensure that the special requirements of each and every display are met in full,” says Winfried Schwedler, marketing manager for LED Backlighting. “This includes not only the selection of suitable LEDs but also the logistical support for module manufacture based on the latest simulation methods,” Schwedler adds. “The result is extremely homogenous display backlighting.”

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