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2 October 2008


PANalytical launches thin-film metrology tools for MEMS and solar cells

At next week's Semicon Europa 2008 at Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Germany (7-9 October), PANalytical of Almelo, The Netherlands is launching new products and showcasing its full range of x-ray metrology solutions, focusing on tools for process control, pilot manufacture and R&D of semiconductor, MEMS, solar cell and data-storage applications. PANalytical claims that it is unique in developing 'backbone' analytical tools – an approach that provides data that is relevant and transferable as a material or product moves from R&D through pilot production to volume lines.

Semicon Europa will feature the European launch of an updated version of PANalytical's SuperQ 4.0 Thin Film package, for use on the PW2830 wavelength-dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) system and the Semyos micro-XRF wafer analyzer. The proven software for thickness, composition and uniformity analysis of thin films now includes enhanced Fundamental Parameter Software (FP Multi). PANalytical claims best-in-class performance, with analysis of up to 16 complex layers and the facility to measure and track wafers through deposition steps to stack completion.

PANalytical’s x-ray diffraction (XRD) range will be represented at Semicon Europa by the X'Pert PRO MRD and MRD XL tools for solar cells (including those made from III-V materials). The firm claims that its X'Pert PRO family is the most flexible XRD solution available for thin-film epitaxial and polycrystalline requirements and is designed for the rapid analysis of structural properties including film thickness, lattice mismatch, surface and interface roughness, defect density, and domain size. Unique PreFIX modules allow reconfiguration without the need for re-alignment.

For manufacturers needing tight process monitoring throughout the entire production chain, the PW2830 XRF Wafer Analyzer complies with all current 300mm standards. Semiconductor and data-storage layer composition and thickness, as well as dopant levels and surface uniformity, can be determined on wafers up to 300mm in diameter in a fully automated environment.

The latest solution for on-product x-ray analysis of thin films, Semyos is an energy-dispersive XRF metrology tool with a measuring spot of less than 23µm full width half maximum (FWHM). This enables direct measurement on production wafers of up to 300mm. The system covers applications including the characterization of films containing elements from Al onwards in metrology areas in the scribeline, accept/reject assessment of complex stacks, control of the metallization processes, and the analysis of barrier films.

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