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23 October 2008


Sunovia recruits former US Energy Secretary as advisor

Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc of Sarasota, FL, USA says that Spencer Abraham (US Energy Secretary from 2001-2005 and Senator from 1995-2001) has agreed to serve as a senior advisor on its advisory board, providing the firm with strategic advice and assistance.

Abraham is chairman & CEO of Washington DC-based consulting firm The Abraham Group of LLC, which specializes in assisting clients seeking opportunities in the international energy sector.

Sunovia is commercializing single-crystalline cadmium telluride-on-silicon (CdTe/Si) solar cell as well as mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) infrared technologies. In exclusive partnership with infrared sensor and imaging firm EPIR Technologies Inc of Bolingbrook, IL (in which Sunovia has a stake), the firm discovered a method to produce single-crystalline CdTe/Si more rapidly than ever achieved before in any lab, even for a single isolated sample, it claims. It adds that the results have been independently validated and are readily reproducible with an extremely high yield and high crystal quality.

Sunovia expects its solar energy system to achieve grid parity at a production level of 100MW. It will begin marketing the systems by the end of 2008, and aims to pre-sell its entire production capacity through 2014.

“Abraham’s commitment to Sunovia is a clear representation of the progress and innovations that we are achieving in the area of renewable energy,” claims CEO & chairman Carl Smith. “His expertise and knowledge of global markets will facilitate and help accelerate many aspects of our continued growth,” he adds.

“The future of US energy policy will be based on our country's ability to develop and implement many different types of technologies to meet our growing energy needs,” says Abraham. “Sunovia’s new solar energy system is a transformative technology with great potential,” he adds. “Sunovia is an impressive company that will be a major player in the solar industry.”

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