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16 September 2008


Bookham samples 5Gb/s DWDM SFP transceiver, and achieves 400km reach with 2.5Gb/s pluggable

Optical component, module and subsystem maker Bookham Inc of San Jose, CA, USA is sampling what it believes to be the fastest dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) SFP transceiver module available, with a transmission speed of 5Gb/s. The firm says that the new high-speed module should enable the performance of SFP-based board designs to be expanded, and offers a readily available, cost-effective alternative to 10Gb/s DWDM XFP transceivers.  

The 5Gb/s transceiver is designed to operate in high-noise, amplified environments, and is targeted at multi-span links for metro networks. It can deliver output power from +3dBm to +6dBm, has channel spacing of 100GHz, and offers full C- and L-band coverage.  

Bookham has also continued the evolution of its high-performance pluggable product range by achieving an uncompensated reach of 400km at 2.5Gb/s with a multi-rate DWDM SFP transceiver. The portfolio offers DWDM solutions for all transmission speeds and network protocols, including Ethernet, Fiber Channel and SONET/SDH.  All designs are underpinned by the same proven optical engines: Bookham's avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver and buried-heterostructure directly modulated laser.

“We are continually developing the performance of our pluggable modules to retain our leading technology position in the pluggable WDM sector and meet the breadth of demands from our customer base,” says Yves Le Maitre, VP telecom sales. “Boasting the highest speed and the longest reach in SFP WDM pluggable optics, coupled with outstanding stability and tolerance to low-OSNR [optical signal-to-noise ratio] links, is a great achievement for the design team,” he adds.

In addition, Bookham's WDM SFP portfolio offers standard optical power devices in both multi-protocol (SONET, Ethernet and 4Gb/s Fiber Channel) and multi-rate (100Mb/s to 2.7Gb/s) variants as well as equivalent versions with higher optical power levels (5.5dBm typical).  All these parts are available in C- and L-band wavelengths.  For 4Gb/s Fiber Channel applications, Bookham has specific DWDM and CWDM parts targeted at 80km point-to-point links.

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