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30 September 2008


Cree announces commercial availability of XLamp MC-E LED

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced the commercial availability of its XLamp MC-E LED, which is the highest-lumen LED in its award-winning XLamp family.

The multi-chip MC-E retains the same 7mm x 9mm footprint as Cree's existing XLamp XR family LEDs while providing four times the light output of the XR-E, the highest lumen output commercially available for a package of this size. This combination is designed to enable new applications and reductions in overall system cost compared to other LED packages. At 9.8W, the MC-E provides up to 790 lumens at 6000K and up to 605 lumens at 3000K.

“The XLamp MC-E LED is a lighting-class solution for applications that require high lumen output in a small footprint,” says Norbert Hiller, VP and general manager for lighting LEDs. “Imagine the design implications for something like a street light – if you could reduce the size by roughly 75 percent without compromising on lumen output," he adds. "Or consider the efficiencies that could be gained in an MR16 bulb application.”

Cree says that the MC-E has already been designed into a number of products and applications, as customers can benefit from increased design flexibility and reduced overall system cost over other, lower flux-output LED packages, without compromising on quality.

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