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25 September 2008


Crystal IS appoints new CEO to spearhead commercialization of deep UV LEDs

Single crystal aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate supplier Crystal IS Inc of Green Island, NY, USA has appointed Dr Steven Berger as president and CEO.

Picture: Dr Steven Berger

Berger spent 10 years at electron microscope manufacturer FEI, where he held several roles including COO and CTO. His key role within FEI was to bring new products to market profitability. Prior to FEI, Berger was a technical manager at AT&T’s Bell Labs.  He also taught at Cambridge University, UK, following his PhD from the Cavendish Laboratory. Berger holds a dozen US patents and is widely published in the fields of electron beam lithography, microscopy and analysis.

Crystal IS is using its low-dislocation AlN substrates to develop deep ultraviolet LEDs at 265nm (the peak germicidal wavelength), and says it has reached the point where it is about to take these devices to market (targeting water and air disinfection).  Berger’s experience of bringing new products to market will greatly help Crystal IS make the transition to becoming a commercial supplier of deep UV LEDs, adds the firm.  

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