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11 September 2008


Intematix recruits former Cree sales director for LED lighting business

Intematix Corp of Fremont, CA, USA, which provides phosphors, LED components and solid-state lighting modules, has appointed Jeff Lagaly as VP of sales, LED Lighting. Lagaly was formerly global sales director for Cree Lighting, overseeing the effort that introduced and drove Cree’s XLamp LED line to sales estimated in excess of $100m.

“Jeff’s background, with experience in both the chip and LED sides of the industry, is the perfect complement to the Intematix team,” says CEO Peter Larsson. “As part of his responsibilities at Cree, he built both the inside and outside LED component sales teams, installed local and global distribution networks, and identified customer entry points worldwide which resulted in the development of Cree’s fastest-growing business unit.”

Intematix supplies patent-backed merchant phosphors, but recently it has expanded its vertical integration into LED lighting with the addition of packaged LEDs and LED arrays. Intematix is also providing key modular components, along with integration and design assistance, which together enable traditional lighting companies to accelerate their entry into the solid-state and LED-based lighting market, the firm says.

“In the last year, Intematix has leveraged our phosphor and material experience horizontally, with a rapid expansion into a leadership position in CFL and CCFL phosphors, and vertically, with the recent introduction of our packaged power LEDs and LED arrays, the Apus and Cetus product lines,” says Dr Yi-Qun Li, founder, CTO and executive VP. “While our materials-oriented business units continue their expansion, our LED business is providing the company with the kind of parallel opportunity that is only found in high-growth markets, such as solid state lighting,” he adds.

“Intematix is helping traditional fixture manufacturers enter the solid-state lighting market by offering them solutions to their LED-lighting challenges,” says Lagaly. “I expect to make the most of the initial traction Intematix has seen with its new LED and modular LED lighting solution portfolio.”

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