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22 September 2008


Opnext demonstrates extended reach SFP+ module with uncooled EA-DFB at ECOC

Opnext Inc of Eatontown, NJ, USA says that its SFP+ER module with uncooled EA-DFB will be commercially available from Q2/2009. The release of this 10G bit/s optical transceiver will expand the firm’s 10G bit/s business and its portfolio of 40km reach modules, such as SFP+ and XFP. It is the first 40km SFP+/XFP with uncooled EA-DFB, adds Opnext.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this exciting new product to our customers," said Tadayuki Kanno, executive vice president at Opnext. "It offers more capacity, enables higher density systems, and it will help our customers realize thermal and power consumption system requirements. It will also provide a pluggable form factor for easy system maintenance and reduces power consumption by eliminating the need of a TEC.”

Opnext says that its new extended reach SFP+ expands the firm’s reach in the high-capacity switching, storage and transmission systems market, which is forecast to grow to $150m in 2010. The uncooled EA-DFB is suitable for either SFP+ ER or XFP-IR2 applications.

The product is MSA-based and pin to pin compatible. It keeps the 40km capability in SFP+ form factor with Pc<1.25W, while keeping the same characteristics as a conventional cooled EA-DFB. The uncooled EA-DFB has been developed in cooperation with Hitachi's Central Research Laboratory.

Opnext will demonstrate the new SFP+ER module with uncooled EA-DFB during the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) 2008 (stand 227) in Brussels, Belgium, September 22-24.

Also at ECOC, Opnext will provide live demonstrations of its 40G DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) long haul modules and a complete portfolio of SFP+ extended reach modules. These include:

  • 43G tunable 5x7" 300-pin transponder using phase shift keying and incorporating the SFI-5 interface for DWDM applications: Demonstrating this technology will be the Opnext TRV7BB0.
  • SFP+ extended reach modules: For Storage Area Networks, Opnext offers a full range of 8GFC modules. Additionally, its portfolio covers 10GbE SFP+ modules ranging from long reach single mode fiber applications to short reach multimode fiber transmission as well as long reach multimode (LRM) and an ultra short reach option.

Further MSA-compliant modules on display during ECOC will include:

  • 10Gbit/s modules: Opnext's full lineup of 300-pin transponders and XENPAK transceivers covers all applications, from legacy multimode fiber to long reach (80km and WDM). The X2 transceiver is a follow on to XENPAK. X2 transceiver power consumption is about half that of XENPAK in a smaller footprint that can be used for legacy multimode fiber to long reach single mode fiber (80km and WDM). The XFP transceiver is a follow on to 300pin TDM and some DWDM applications.
  • 40Gbit/s modules: Opnext says it has complemented its strong short reach client side modules with the introduction of TRV7BA0 (PSBT) and TRV7BB0 (DPSK) 40G DWDM metropolitan, regional and long haul solutions. The new modules are fully compliant to the 300-pin MSA and ITU-T G.693 for Optical Interface, OIF SFI-5 standards and include a MUX/DMUX for Optical Interface with STM and 300-pin MSA connector and pin assignment enabling easy module upgrades.
  • SFP: Opnext's SFP portfolio covers all standard bit rates and protocols, from GbE and FC, to 155Mbit/s, 622Mbit/s and 2.5Gbit/s for SONET, SDH and ATM applications. The distances supported range from short multimode fiber applications, for the GbE and FC protocols, up to 80km and beyond for the single mode fiber SONET, SDH and GbE protocols. Opnext also offers SFP modules for metropolitan DWDM networks up to 200km without dispersion compensation. The transceiver designs can operate across extended temperature ranges, and provide advanced real-time performance monitoring capabilities, says Opnext.

Harry Bosco, Opnext president and CEO, will be presenting at the ECOC Market Focus on September 24th at 10:00. The session will focus on "40 and 100Gb/s Transport."

Opnext reaches 750,000 10G transceivers milestone

Opnext also announced that it has shipped over 750,000 10G transceivers to its global customer base, coming less than a year after the firm achieved half million transceiver shipments in December 2007.

"The demand for bandwidth continues to expand industry wide, hence the need for 10 Gbps in telecom and enterprise networks," stated Daryl Inniss, vice president and practice leader, Ovum. "Opnext, a leading 10G supplier, continues to support this market by delivering both new and legacy products notwithstanding the broad range of transmission protocols, form factors and electrical connectors required."

"Reaching 750,000 10G transceivers shipped continues to validate our position as an industry-leading technology provider of 10G solutions," said Kanno.

Opnext's 10G module transceivers fully comply with industry standards from ITU-T G.691, G.709, and IEEE 802.3, and OIF recommendations, supporting a variety of electrical interfaces, including SFI-4, XAUI and XFI. Opnext transceivers meet or exceed standards established by industry Multi Source Agreements (MSAs), says the firm.

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