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11 September 2008


QPC demos first high-power surface-emitting eye-safe laser

QPC Lasers Inc of Los Angeles suburb Sylmar, CA, USA, which manufactures high-power lasers for consumer, industrial, defense and medical markets, has completed its initial Department of Defense contract to develop and deliver high-power eye-safe surface-emitting diode pumps for directed-energy weapons applications. The firm has been invited to submit a proposal for a much larger follow-on contract.

QPC claims to be the first laser company to demonstrate such technology, which marries a unique surface-emitting laser design with capabilities in high-power long-wavelength ‘eye-safe’ diode arrays.

“Battlefield lasers using conventional diode pump technologies are prohibitively expensive and present hazards to the eyes of friendly personnel, severely limiting their utility,” says co-founder and CEO Dr Jeffrey Ungar.

The firm says that the milestone development is of key importance in the future of DoD high-energy laser applications because the technology enables the fabrication to be wafer-based and extremely cost effective.

“QPC’s demonstration points the way to a new generation of laser weaponry which combines the low cost of ‘wafer-scale’ manufacturing with beams that are 100,000-1,000,000 times less hazardous to our soldiers,” Ungar adds. “Besides directed-energy weapons, these chip-based lasers have great promise for other defense applications, including range-finding, covert/active illumination for surveillance, and remote sensing.”

Beyond these military applications, QPC is already shipping eye-safe-wavelength lasers to medical customers for dermatological and vein treatment applications. The firm says that it also sees great promise for eye-safe lasers in commercial applications such as welding and cutting, by eliminating the safety concerns and costs associated with existing industrial lasers such as YAG and fiber lasers.

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