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25 September 2008


SMI receives order for GFHC-Linear150 sputter source

Structured Materials Industries Inc (SMI) of Piscataway, NJ, USA says it has sold a Gas Flow Hollow Cathode (GFHC) GFHC-Linear150 sputter source for specialty materials deposition, but did not name the customer or divulge specific details of what the sputter source would be used for.

However, the firm did say that the GFHC-Linear150 operates by generating a discharge in a hollow cathode and using a single or dual flow of gas to produce high quality films with a very low thermal budget. The dual gas flow nature allows unpoisoned deposition of oxides and volatile compound materials such as ZnO, and copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) over very large areas, adds the firm. Furthermore, the source technology lends itself to indefinite linear extension of the hollow region, allowing for very large area efficient depositions.

“Sales of this new sputter source technology represent a major expansion in SMI tool capabilities. We see a lot of interest in this technology for photovoltaics and displays, as well as for many other applications,” said Dr Gary Tompa, SMI’s president.

SMI has an in-house applications laboratory featuring multi-reactor deposition systems and analytic capabilities, and says it has developed a range of strategic partnerships to develop and implement (MO)CVD and GFHC technology. The firm sells systems, components, materials, and process development services.

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