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10 September 2008


StratEdge launches X-band high-power amplifiers in surface-mount packages

StratEdge of San Diego, CA, USA, which designs and produces packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high-speed digital devices, is offering packaged high-power amplifier MMICs (fabricated by a US GaAs foundry) for 8-12GHz (X-band) applications, suited to point-to-point radios and base-stations.

The new SMX 580448 family covers the full X-band range in three separate bands. Part numbers 560141 for 7–8.5GHz, 560142 for 10.5–12GHz, and 560134 for 9–10.5GHz applications, which provides 37dBm output power and 40% power added efficiency (PAE) for biasing of 7V, 1.4A (with typical gain of 18dB).

StratEdge says that the SMX 580448 is a ceramic surface-mount package with excellent thermal properties that provides good electrical transition performance for die in the X-band range. The package has a copper composite base that enhances thermal dissipation. Though sealed with epoxy and a liquid crystal polymer lid, it can pass fine and gross leak hermeticity testing per MIL-STD-883. The assembly process, including eutectic and epoxy component attach, gold wire bonding, lid seal, lead trim, electrical test, labeling, and delivery preparation, is performed at StratEdge.

“We packaged the MMICs and tested them in a custom fixture to verify electrical performance,” says Casey Krawiec, VP of North American sales. “Providing a good heatsink is critical for optimal performance,” he adds. “As an aid to our customers, we’ll provide a CAD file with our recommended LAND pattern for their boards.”

The SMX 580448 family of packaged devices is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Other versions with fully hermetic soldered metal lids are available.

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