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8 April 2009


GigOptix announces 45Gb/s differential limiting amplifier

GigOptix Inc of Palo Alto, CA, USA, which designs optical modulators, drivers and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) ICs based on III-V materials, has announced the availability of a 45Gb/s differential limiting amplifier developed in partnership with a leading Japanese ROSA (receive optical sub-assembly) manufacturer. The GX3440 is being sampled by the development partner and will be available to open sampling later in second-quarter 2009.

GigOptix says that it was chosen to design the 45G/s amplifier because of its capability of providing high-speed Rx amplifier designs that optimize high sensitivity, low power consumption, wide bandwidth, and output voltage. The GX3440 operates with DC coupled differential input and 700mVpp differential output.

Applications include 45Gb/s DPSK (differential phase-shift keying) receivers, 45Gb/s DQPSK (differential quadrature phase-shift keying) receivers, and high-speed test & measurement.

“There is nothing quite like the GX3440 available in today’s market and that makes this development partnership a big win for GigOptix,” reckons chief technology officer Andrea Betti-Berutto. “We met our commitment to turn this design around in record time and delivered new devices to meet a very tight market schedule,” he adds. “By working with a leader in this segment, we are optimistic about the potential of this product, as the GX3440 is targeted for applications which are gaining a lot of traction in the market.”

Ovum’s most recent market forecast (‘WAN optical components unit volume, revenue, and ASP history and forecast, 1998-2013’, August 2008) projects that the volume of 40G receivers shipped will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 74%, from 20,000 units in 2009 to 183,000 in 2013.

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