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7 April 2009


RFMD expands integrated configurable component range to cellular repeater and WLAN markets

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has extended its portfolio of integrated configurable components to include products for the cellular repeater and wireless local-area network (WLAN) markets.

The new RF2057 RF synthesizer with integrated mixers and the RF2059 RF transverter join the RF2051, RF2052 and RF2053, which were introduced in April 2008 and have been adopted in markets as diverse as cellular, defense and broadband cable systems.

By integrating multiple common RF functions into highly integrated, size-reduced packages, the flexibility of the integrated configurable components enables the development of radio systems that operate over a wide dynamic range and across a broad range of frequencies and channel bandwidths, the firm says.

“The unique system partitioning and functional integration of RFMD’s integrated configurable components help radio designers shrink circuit board area, reduce risk, simplify implementation and shorten product development time, thereby lowering the cost of implementation,” claims Alastair Upton, general manager of RFMD’s Broadband Products business unit.

The RF2057 RF synthesizer provides designers of cellular repeaters (which are used to extend network range and provide coverage in ‘dead’ spots) with an improved level of integration within the performance parameters required to meet the W-CDMA/PCS specifications for pico and mini repeaters.

The RF2057 includes all functions required for frequency downconversion and upconversion, a fractional-N phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizer capable of tuning accuracy of about 1Hz, a wideband monolithic voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) with a tuning range of 1900-2400MHz, local oscillator (LO) drivers, and two double-balanced wideband mixers with a minimum IIP3 of +18dBm.

By integrating the interface between the VCOs and mixers, the RF2057 can deliver highly reliable operation at published specifications, reducing design time and risk in radio implementation. Also, by combining the PLL, VCO, LO path and mixers into a single 5mm x 5mm package, it delivers a size-reduced solution for low- to mid-power cellular repeaters (providing greater flexibility in implementation).

The RF2059 RF transverter provides WLAN system designers with a size-reduced and simplified solution for converting RF signals between the 2.4GHz and 900MHz ISM bands. The transverter is placed between the WLAN chipset and the RF front end, and all functionality necessary for frequency conversion is integrated on-chip.

The RF2059 contains a PLL synthesizer, a VCO capable of meeting WLAN linearity and accuracy requirements, and two double-balanced mixers for receive and transmit paths. By integrating the synthesizer, VCOs and mixers on-chip, combined with the buffer circuits usually required to implement the functions discretely, the RF2059 delivers circuit board space savings and simplicity of implementation compared to typical discrete implementations, RFMD claims, with negligible signal degradation (typically less than 0.8% RMS). The transverter is programmed and controlled through a simple three-wire interface and is housed in a compact 5mm x 5mm package. It can also be used in certain cellular repeater systems.

The RF2057 and RF2059 are priced at $5.60 in quantities of 1000.

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