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30 April 2009


Skyworks introduces family of LNAs featuring pHEMT and SiGe technologies

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, Mass, USA has introduced a new family of low noise amplifiers (LNAs), featuring pHEMT and SiGe technologies, for GPS; infrastructure such as GSM, WCDMA and LTE base station transceivers; ISM band and satellite radio; and WLAN markets.

The SKY65050-372LF low noise transistor, the first released product in the family, is a high performance, low noise, n-channel, depletion mode pHEMT, fabricated from Skyworks' advanced pHEMT process and packaged in a miniature 4-lead SC-70 package. Its low noise figure, high gain, and excellent third order intercept (IP3) allows it to be used in various receiver and transmitter applications, says the firm.

The product has been released with a full toolkit of application resources to assist in securing new sockets. In addition, the new device allows for higher gain and linearity while still providing noise figure solutions below 0.7 dB, adds Skyworks.

SKY65050-372LF is available now and priced at 25 cents each in quantities of 10,000 devices.

Skyworks says it is also expanding into higher frequency, higher linearity, and even lower noise figures with the company's latest pHEMT7 technology and enhancement mode pHEMT devices.

"This is an exciting development for Skyworks, and opens up an entirely new product line and market," said David C. Stasey, Skyworks' vice president of analog components. "Skyworks has uniquely designed these discrete pHEMT devices to achieve ultra low noise that supports the high performance requirements for modern receiver designs. We are also utilizing SiGe technology to produce integrated LNA devices. These new devices address low cost and efficiency while providing the added functionality of silicon.”

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