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6 April 2009


Sunovia finalizes $33m order for EPIR’s MWIR wafers

Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc of Sarasota, FL, USA has finalized a $33m basic order agreement to provide mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) single-layer, undoped wafers for night-vision camera applications.

Through its partnership with infrared detector maker EPIR Technologies Inc of Bolingbrook, IL, USA (in which Sunovia has a stake), Sunovia has exclusive marketing rights to a growing line of infrared products for civilian and military night-vision markets. The firm has filed the required applications with the US Federal departments that govern the sale of infrared products, and expects to receive the necessary export permit to begin shipping during the third-quarter 2009.

EPIR was founded in 1998 by chairman & CEO Dr Siva Sivananthan, who pioneered mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) on silicon infrared technology for night vision. The firm uses molecular beam epitaxy to produce single- and multiple-element focal plane array IR detectors, which are supplied with packaged detector/cooler assemblies.

“As a primary supplier of night-vision technology to the US military and its allies, EPIR is held to the highest standards imaginable,” says Sunovia’s chairman & CEO Carl Smith. “Our business plan has been to underwrite a significant portion of the solar system development costs with revenues from the sale of both proprietary infrared products and our proprietary LED lighting solutions,” he adds. “The successful commercialization of the infrared product lines by EPIR is a key milestone in the execution of this plan.”

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