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13 August 2009


Osram LEDs used in street-lighting project in Fürth, Nuremberg

A total of six lamps incorporating LED technology from Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany are being used to demonstrate street lighting in Fürth near Nuremberg, Germany. The city’s traffic and energy supply company infra fürth GmbH, luminaire manufacturer Schréder and lighting manufacturer Osram have set up an LED test unit on the road to the airport north of the town to provide information about LED performance in street lighting. The results of the practical test will help to determine whether more LED luminaires will be used in the town.

Schréder has designed and constructed for infra fürth six LED lamps of P186 type, in which Osram LEDs have been fitted. A total of 96 Osram Golden Dragon Plus LEDs with an output of 1.2W each are shared between two lamp sections. These have been mounted at a light spot height of 8m.

Even though the light yield in the test luminaires of about 75 lumens per watt corresponds to that of a conventional street light, it appears to be much brighter. Because of the directional characteristics of the LEDs (which emit light through lenses), there is less stray light than with discharge lamps. In addition, their white light is perceived to be far more luminous than normal street lights.

The test facility is intended to provide information about how suitable the LED technology is for practical use in urban areas. The systems’ temperature and efficiency readings are under constant observation.

infra fürth expects to gain experience from the project of the ability to use the technology in future as well as knowledge about operational procedures and the energy and operating costs of LED luminaires. “The findings we obtain from this will certainly help us decide on further possible applications,” says Elmar Eckl, who is in charge of street lighting at infra fürth. “We also would like to share our experiences with the city of Fürth and other local authorities.”

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