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4 December 2009


AkzoNobel to increase trimethyl gallium pricing

From 1 January (or as contracts allow), AkzoNobel High Purity Metalorganics (HPMO) — which produces group-III MO sources based on indium, gallium, aluminum, zinc and magnesium — plans to increase pricing of its trimethyl gallium (TMGa) by 15%.

The firm says that the increase is necessary to offset the rising costs of key raw materials and energy, and to support continued investment in increased production capacity. It should also enable it to keep making substantial investments in additional bubbler fleet capacity.

AkzoNobel HPMO recently doubled its TMGa output in response to the sharply growing demand from the LED industry.

*At the 8th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors (ICNS) in South Korea in late October, AkzoNobel HPMO unveiled a novel bubbler type for liquid MO sources.

AkzoNobel says that, through its special design, the Hiperflo bubbler enables a higher gas saturation level, better vapor stability and more complete source utilization. The firm adds that this is especially advantageous for lower-vapor-pressure MO sources such as triethyl gallium (TEGa), as confirmed by the experience of the first users of the new bubbler.

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