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23 December 2009


Ascent sees retirement of senior VP of production operations

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc of Thornton, CO, USA, which manufactures flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules based on copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), says that Dr Prem Nath, senior VP of production operations, will retire on 15 January after more than 30 years in the thin-film industry.

Nath led the firm’s manufacturing efforts since 2006 and helped to establish its unique roll-to-roll commercial production capability. He led Ascent to full end-to-end commercial production at FAB 1 in Littleton, CO, positioning it to ramp to high-volume production at FAB 2 in Thornton. “In 2006 the company was based on R&D tools,” says Nath. “Today, Ascent Solar has reached commercial production,” he adds.

“He has laid a superb foundation for this company to continue to scale its manufacturing capability and capacity,” says president & CEO Farhad Moghadam. “The team at Ascent Solar will now pursue high-volume commercial manufacturing, the next phase of growth for our company,” he adds.

The firm says that it will continue to have access to Nath’s knowledge and experience through a consulting arrangement.

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