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23 December 2009


CPV firm OPEL signs dealer agreement with SOLYPAC for utility-scale markets

OPEL Solar Inc, a subsidiary of OPEL International Inc of Shelton, CT, USA and Toronto, Canada, which makes high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) panels, has entered into an international dealer agreement with SOLYPAC Technology Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea.

The agreement makes available to SOLYPAC the complete OPEL Solar product line to supply utility-scale projects, especially its Mk-I HCPV panel and its array of single- and dual-axis trackers, which have the potential to increase photovoltaic yields of solar farms by up to 40%, the firm claims.

“It expands our international reach to supply utility-scale solar projects with OPEL’s advanced solar technology and the increased efficiency that concentration photovoltaics and tracking provides,” says OPEL Solar’s chief operating officer Frank Middleton about the deal.

“Our international dealer agreement with OPEL Solar is a highlight for SOLYPAC because its full product line opens the door to bring HCPV and PV panels installed on its tracker products to South Korean and other international market places in which we have active business proposals, including the United States,” says SOLYPAC’s president & chief strategy and marketing officer JK Kim.

OPEL will also provide technical support for the installed projects. OPEL Solar provides PV panels to be used with OPEL's trackers to meet the needs of regions with low solar irradiance, generating more energy than fixed mounted installations, the firm claims.

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