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16 December 2009


SET claims record performance for large-area single-chip deep UV LEDs

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SET) of Columbia, SC, USA, which claims to be the only commercial manufacturer of LEDs operating at wavelengths shorter than 340nm, has achieved what it reckons are industry-best reported R&D results for single-chip UV-C LEDs operating at 273nm.

Constant-current powers of 30mW were achieved at 700mA, representing the highest reported powers for a single-chip device operating at this wavelength at room temperature, the firm says. With a forward voltage of 6.5V and estimated lifetime of >3000 hours, SET says that it is continuing its focus on pushing the performance of UV LEDs to address mainstream markets.

“Our LEDs are already being widely deployed in sensing, detection and medical applications, and increased in performance such as this will not only benefit customers in existing markets, but will also open new market opportunities for deep UV LEDs,” says CEO Dr Remis Gaska.

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