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18 December 2009


LED TV backlighting market to grow at 148% to $7.5bn in 2013

The market for packaged LEDs used in LCD TV backlights will see rapid growth at a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 148%, starting in 2010 and reaching $7.5bn in 2013 as major suppliers deploy the technology in volume, forecasts market research firm Strategy Analytics in its report ‘Flat-Panel TV LED Backlighting Report 2008-2013’.

In 2008, the market penetration of LED-based backlighting in LCD TVs stood at less than 1%, but marketing campaigns in 2009 have raised consumer awareness of the technology. As it penetrates smaller and cheaper TV models in 2010 and beyond, demand for LEDs will ramp up, says the market research firm. Although conservative compared with public statements from some TV companies, Strategy Analytics concludes that, by 2013, 68% of all LCD TVs will feature LED backlights.

“LEDs have featured in high-end LCD TVs for some time, but now they are entering the mainstream,” notes Asif Anwar, service director at Strategy Analytics. “With low-cost suppliers now adding to this momentum, LED backlighting of TVs will witness a serious production increase,” he predicts.

Other findings of the report include that: 2009 has seen a rapid transition toward edge-type backlights that exploit high-performance white packaged LEDs; and that direct-type backlights and RGB (red–green–blue) designs offer advantages of both localized dimming and higher picture quality.

The three key tiers of the LCD TV and LED backlight supply chain are covered in an accompanying report ‘Flat-Panel TV LED Backlighting Market Players’ from Strategy Analytics.

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