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19 February 2009


Avago adds low-noise, high-gain, high-linearity balanced amplifier module

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has added to its ALM-1x22 family of fully matched GaAs amplifiers by launching a new low-noise, high-gain and high-linearity two-stage balanced amplifier module for use in tower mounted amplifiers, low-noise amplifier (LNA) modules and cellular base-station applications. The new ALM-1522 is suited to major 800/900MHz cellular bands such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS and next-generation long-term evolution (LTE) applications that operate in the 700MHz band.

By using Avago’s proprietary 0.25µm GaAs enhancement-mode pHEMT process, the 5V ALM-1522 offers a low noise figure of 0.6dB, high gain of 31dB, and high linearity performance, which helps to improve the sensitivity and dynamic range of cellular base-station receivers. Housed in a miniature 5mm x 6mm x 1mm surface-mount molded chip-on-board package, the balanced amplifier module allows the development of smaller or more compact base-station products such as pico and femto base-station receivers that do not require as much board space as typical discrete solutions, Avago says.

The ALM-1522 has no external RF matching components, aiding design simplification and shortening the design-to-market cycle. The module also replaces the four discrete transistors typically found in the traditional TMA, LNA/filter combiner and LNA products used in base-station front-end receivers.

The ALM-1522 is priced at $8.56 each in 10,000-piece quantities.

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