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17 February 2009


Luminus launches 9mm² white LEDs emitting 1000lm at 10W

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA has added the large-chip CST-90 white LED to its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) family of LED products, developed for fixture manufacturers in the general lighting industry.

The CST-90 comes in a connectorized chip-on-board package with standard mounting features (making it easy to integrate) and is simple to service and upgrade (even after the fixture has been installed).

“In a direct response to the growing needs of lighting fixture designers, the CST-90 white PhlatLight LED offers excellent system flexibility, reliability and efficiency,” claims Dave Sciabica, head of Luminus Devices’ Lighting Business Group.

Luminus has also launched the SST-90, a large-chip white PhlatLight LED in a new surface-mount (SMT) package designed for standard SMT assembly processes. “The SST-90 is a surface-mount package in a form factor that OEMs are familiar with and use regularly,” says Sciabica.  

Both the CST-90 and SST-90 are intended to enable lighting fixture OEMs to replace bulbs and LED arrays with a single large LED, resulting in simplified designs, lower costs and faster time-to-market.

The light-emitting surface of both the CST-90 and SST-90 is a single, monolithic die that is 9mm² in size. Also, a lens-based design allows for improved light extraction and easy integration with standard optics, Luminus Devices says. Both LEDs produce 1000 lumens with 10W input (at 6500K), while at their maximum rated drive current the CST-90 produces 2750 lumens and the SST-90 produces 2250 lumens.

With a lifetime of 60,000 hours with lumen maintenance of greater than 70%, the LEDs are suited to general lighting applications, including architectural, retail and residential lighting as well as wide-area street and parking lot lighting.

Both the CST-90 and SST-90 will be available for sampling at the beginning of March, with production volume shipments starting in second-quarter 2009.

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