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5 January 2009


Light Blue Optics recruits VP of sales & marketing

Light Blue Optics (LBO) of Cambridge, UK, which develops miniature holographic laser projection systems, has recruited Chris Hoggarth as VP of sales & marketing, responsible for overall sales and marketing strategy, evaluating product requirements, and building relationships with key customers and strategic partners in markets including automotive, information display and consumer electronics.

Founded in 2004, LBO’s projection technology uses laser light sources and patented holographic techniques to deliver large, full-colour, high-quality video images. A diffraction pattern of the desired two-dimensional image, calculated using LBO’s holographic algorithms, is displayed on a phase-modulating liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) microdisplay. When illuminated by coherent laser light, rather than blocking light, the microdisplay steers the light to exactly where it is needed, making the system highly efficient.

Unlike conventional projection systems, LBO’s technology does not require a projection lens. Instead, a demagnification lens pair expands the diffracted image from the microdisplay, producing an ultra-wide throw angle greater than 90º. The projected images are in focus at all distances from the projector – even on curved or angled surfaces, eliminating the need for a focus control. “The opportunity for LBO’s products is vast, spanning multiple high-volume markets,” says Hoggarth.

Hoggarth has 25 years of experience in the displays industry. As head of Samsung’s European LCD business unit, he built a multi-disciplined sales & marketing team and increased annual revenue more than three-fold, creating a multi-billion dollar business. Previously, he managed the Display Devices and Components Division of Toshiba Electronics Europe.

“Chris has a proven track record in building successful sales & marketing operations and growing top-line revenues and is an excellent fit for our high-growth organisation,” says LBO’s CEO Dr Chris Harris. “His expertise will enable LBO to better understand and support customer requirements, deliver compelling products, and realise its goal of becoming the world's leading supplier of miniature projection systems.”

LBO is demonstrating its latest miniature projection systems to key customers and strategic partners at this week's 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES’09, 8-11 January).

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