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20 July 2009


AdvanceSis becomes Circadian Solar to reflect CPV commercialization

AdvanceSis of Coventry, UK, which is developing concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems incorporating gallium arsenide multi-junction photovoltaic cells, has formally changed its name to Circadian Solar. The firm says that it is retaining its focus on developing CPV units while advancing its commercial operation worldwide.

AdvanceSis was founded in 2004 by CEO Dr Robin Godfrey - previously business development manager at the UK's Defence Research Agency (now QinetiQ plc) - together with an academic group from the University of Warwick’s Physics Department. The initial aim was to commercialize strained silicon structures. Funding came from Seven Spires Investments and the Mercia Technology Seed Fund. The firm’s technology has been developed by scientists and engineers from the University of Warwick, the semiconductor industry and the automotive industry.

“We have reached a certain point of maturity, of which the name change is an obvious external signal,” says CEO Robin Godfrey. “Recent months have seen rapid development of our CPV technology and we will soon be in a position to deploy our solar power units on a wider scale,” he adds.

Circadian Solar has a number of projects planned for the coming months. In August, it will be sending a 1kW unit to one of its Mediterranean test sites for extensive field testing, followed by a commercial-size system later this year.

The firm says that it is currently exploring a number of applications for its CPV systems, both on- and off-grid, such as remote telecoms power supply, decentralized power in rural areas, and refrigeration.

“The global population has reached a tipping point in the way it produces and consumes energy,” says Godfrey. “CPV technology can be seen as a core component in a complete portfolio of renewable energy technologies, and is set to make a significant contribution to meeting the world's growing energy needs.”

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