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3 July 2009


Coherent launches UV laser for high-throughput sapphire scribing

Coherent Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA has launched a new frequency-tripled, diode-pumped, solid-state laser for cost-sensitive micromachining tasks such as scribing sapphire substrates used in the fabrication of gallium nitride (GaN) LEDs. The AVIA 355-5 is a Q-switched Nd:YVO 4 laser that delivers 5W of 355nm-wavelength output at 50kHz, and is suitable for operation at repetition rates of up to 150kHz. Its combination of high repetition rate and short pulse length (<20ns at 5W) enables high-throughput processing with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ), says the firm. 

The 355-5 is a cost-effective, compact, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product that still offers many of the same features found on Coherent’s more powerful AVIA model: ThermEQ, PulseEQ, and PulseTrack enable precise control of the delivered pulse energy, allowing the OEM to define and optimize its laser process. The laser also has an automated harmonic crystal shifter to maintain constant output power for >20,000 hours and help reduce the cost of ownership. In addition, its unique Posilock beam position sensor and feedback loop results in very high beam position stability over the life of the laser. 

The AVIA 355-5 has been designed for easy integration with a laser head measuring just 491mm x 216mm x 141mm. Coherent says that the laser also delivers enhanced reliability and ease of maintenance through the use of a highly efficient single pump diode module that is field replaceable. 

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