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13 July 2009


Oclaro and Newport close deal to exchange New Focus and Spectra Physics high-power laser diode businesses

Last week Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA closed the transaction announced on 3 June under which it has acquired the high-power laser diode business of Newport Spectra Physics in exchange for laser and photonics components supplier Newport Corp of Irvine, CA acquiring its Advanced Photonics Solutions division’s New Focus business (which makes photonics products including tunable lasers, optoelectronics, high-resolution actuators, stable opto-mechanics, vacuum and ultra-clean solutions, and OEM-engineered solutions). In addition, Oclaro has received $3m in cash proceeds, which is expected to fund related transition and integration costs.

Oclaro believes that it is now the largest merchant supplier of high-power laser diodes. The Newport transaction complements the number 1 or number 2 position in the long-haul and metro markets that Oclaro has achieved as a result of the firm’s creation through merger in late April of Bookham Inc of San Jose, CA (which has expertise in optical components) and Avanex Corp of Fremont, CA (which has expertise in modules and subsystems). Oclaro says that its market position helps to ensure its ability to invest in R&D.

The Newport transaction also increases utilization of Oclaro’s wafer fabrication plants, which is expected to benefit the gross margin performance of products in the metro and long-haul business as well as in the high-power laser diode business.

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