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2 June 2009


Anadigics awarded four US patents for power amplifiers

Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has been granted four new US patents for advances in the design and development of radio frequency (RF) power amplifier (PA) technology.

The new patents include no. 7459974, a system and method for distortion cancellation in amplifiers; no. 7400873, a method and system for image rejection by using post-mixer I/Q equalization; no. 7385447, a power amplifier with curve-fitting pre-distorter; and no. 7443236, a CDMA power amplifier design for low and high power modes.

The highlight is the new CDMA PA design that improves handset efficiency at low power levels without compromising efficiency at high power levels. This is particularly beneficial to designers of CDMA and WCDMA handsets because the devices are mostly used in low-power modes. Anadigics says that, before its High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power (HELP) family of products, a typical PA used for handsets could be internally optimized only at maximum rated power. This produced very poor efficiency at the low power levels where the handset spends most of its time. HELP power amplifier products for CDMA and WCDMA use mode switching to achieve optimized DC power consumption over a range of output powers, reducing average battery current consumption by as much as 75% compared to earlier PA designs, it is reckoned.

“Patent awards acknowledge the tremendous RF expertise of our design engineers, which ultimately translate into high performance and better-value products,” says Ron Michels, senior VP, chief technology and strategy officer.

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