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22 June 2009


Ascent makes 2kg flexible 5m-long CIGS PV laminate

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc, a developer of flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules based on copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), has manufactured a monolithically interconnected 5m-long lightweight module on a polyimide substrate.

“This is the largest monolithically interconnected CIGS module on polyimide and may be the largest of any CIGS module regardless of construction,” says senior VP for production operations Dr Prem Nath. “The size and efficiency of this module make it a breakthrough for the emerging opportunities of flexible CIGS photovoltaic modules,” he claims.

Picture: Ascent Solar’s monolithically interconnected 5m-long lightweight module on polyimide substrate.

The CIGS-based thin-film material was manufactured using the firm’s existing 1.5MW roll-to-roll manufacturing line in Littleton, CO. The module was encapsulated during the testing and qualification of equipment that will be used for its 30MW plant under construction at its new headquarters in Thornton, CO (opened on 24 March). Based on internal test and evaluation, the 5m-long module weighs 2kg and produces 123W (under standard test conditions) with an aperture area efficiency of 9.1%. This length is a baseline for the firm's development of large-area flexible building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products (for rooftops, awnings and siding, for example) with its strategic BIPV partners.

US Senators visit Ascent Solar

On 20 June, Ascent hosted a tour of its Thornton headquarters for Colorado state Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, who highlighted the potential for job creation evidenced by the firm's growth to date.

“Companies like Ascent Solar are helping Colorado become a national leader in the clean energy economy,” said Bennet. “They are providing new energy options that also create new, good-paying jobs.” Bennet and Udall cited Ascent’s plans to create 200 new jobs over the next several months at its new facility.

“Our company is benefiting from renewable energy tax incentives from the Recovery Act to fuel job creation and economic growth in the state,” said founder, chairman & CEO Dr Mohan Misra.

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