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16 June 2009


Luminus appoints general manager of UV business

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which manufactures solid-state light sources for illumination applications (including high-definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems) based on its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LEDs, has recruited Doug Lawson as general manager of its ultraviolet (UV) business.

Lawson will be responsible for leading the strategic business unit and for developing new products to bring PhlatLight LEDs to the UV curing market, for which the firm’s technology provides a fast-growing approach to hardening paints, adhesives, varnishes, printing inks and a variety of polymer systems.

“He will be an invaluable asset to drive our diversified overall growth strategy and vision in this effort,” says president & CEO Keith T. S. Ward. “This is an exciting time for Luminus to penetrate the UV equipment market with PhlatLight LEDs,” he adds.

Prior to joining Luminus, Lawson was VP of marketing & business development at BTU International, responsible for the development and growth of the solar energy business. Previously, he was head of SD Lawson and Associates (a strategic consulting firm focused on product, market and business development strategies for technology companies) and has held senior positions with PRI Automation Inc and Digital Equipment Corp. Lawson began his career as a process sustaining engineer at Intel Corp.

Luminus says that its PhatLight LEDs suit UV curing applications, as its products produce irradiance levels comparable to existing UV sources such as mercury lamps. LED-based UV curing offers significantly long life and a dramatic reduction in cost of ownership of systems. It also reduces both electrical consumption and emissions.

“This is an exciting time to join Luminus Devices as the company enters its next stage of growth, and I look forward to building momentum in the UV curing market,” says Lawson. “The UV lighting market will contribute greatly to the company’s overall growth strategy,” he adds.

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