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25 June 2009


Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche LEDs light Korea's National Palace Museum

FS Korea Networks Co Ltd has installed DELICIA lighting fixtures, incorporating Acriche AC-driven LEDs from LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Inc, for the main interior lighting in all galleries of Korea's National Palace Museum. Opened in November 2007, the National Palace Museum inside Gyeongbokgung Palace has 15 galleries in two floors above ground and one below ground.

Equipped with dimming control, the DELICIA lighting fixtures were chosen to protect the works of art and documents of the Joseon Dynasty since LEDs are a safe source of high-quality lighting (without the emission of ultraviolet and infrared rays).

Picture: Korea's National Palace Museum.

FS Korea Networks says that it will install further Acriche-based lighting fixtures in more galleries of the National Museum in the future.

As the use of LED lighting grows rapidly worldwide, orders for Acriche (the world’s first AC-driven LED) are rising sharply and may soon outstrip production without further expansion, says Seoul Semiconductor. “Even though Acriche is already being used in specialized lighting systems for museums and art galleries, we are rapidly making it a global brand to serve a large and varied general-purpose illumination market,” adds the firm.

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